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it's just a spell, but anyone can tell...

where bright lights & angels meet

Jennzah Cresswell
26 June
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hi. im jennzah. i am many things; wife, kitty-mum, massive SFK fan, avid reader, & an aspiring author. I blog, love to travel, and have a snarky streak a mile wide.

abstract photography, adele, american horror story, angel, anthony cresswell, aqua teen hunger force, astronomy, autumn, badass action flicks, bare feet, being married, being silly, being-genetically-altered-for-tastiness, believe-and-make-believe-and-make-believe, brenna yovanoff, british comedy, cheap thrills, cinematography, clint hyndman, collages, cooking, daenerys targaryen, dave chappelle, david tennant, deadliest catch, doctor gregory house, doctor who, don't believe the hype, duncan sheik, dystopian books, e-z pass, ellie goulding, england, fawlty towers, film, film noir, futurama, game of thrones, garbage, gaspard ulliel, george clooney, ginger hair, glee!!, greg the bunny, hannibal lecter, heath ledger, house, house of cards, hugh laurie, humphrey bogart, jeaniene frost, jeff buckley, jennifer lawrence, jensen ackles, jeri smith-ready, joelle charbonneau, libraries, life in england, living in fiction, lo-tel, london, massive amounts of books, massive amounts of tea, matt smith, matthew bellamy, mexican food, michael stipe, mneo, monty python, muse, music, neil gaiman, new york city, nightblooming jasmine, noodlicious love affairs, obscure things, october, one a.m, paul dempsey, paul dempsey=can solve anything, pete yorn, piano/cello concertos, pirates of the caribbean, pj harvey, poetry, portishead, post-british life, psych, radiohead, reading, rem, remaining skeptical, richard ashcroft, riley and jasper, ryan adams, scandal, scared of horses, sex, shannon delany, silverchair, simon pegg, sleep, something for kate, sons of anarchy, squidbillies, stardust, stephanie ashworth, supernatural, the dark knight, the dissociatives, the eleventh doctor, the hunger games, the killers, the michaelstipe/thomyorke school'o'dance, the replacement, the superjesus, the white stripes, thom yorke, thomas harris, torchwood, turtles, tyrion lannister, urban fantasy, vampire fiction, vampires, victoria frances, vitamin water, watching supernatural with monica, whiskeytown, writing, wvmp radio, xbox360