so much to say....

last time i posted it was 2013 and we'd just gotten Beaker.

it's 2017. in that span of time since the last post, we've lost one cat (Mneo, in 2014, to kidney disease.... it was the WORST day of my life. but he went over the rainbow bridge in my arms and i have him with me all the time.... ), and gained two more (Stitch, who lives with us, and ClairaBelle, who lives with mom). we've also moved twice -- to different duplexes, one that we rented and one that now belongs to us.

Ants and I are still happily married and things are amazing. i work at a book blog. Ants works for a big company where they love him. Dad has gotten divorced from my stepmom and moved to Georgia. Mum is the same except she retired. Adilynn is now almost 15 years old and it's mind blowing -- and my nephew, Will, is going to be six. time does fly when you're having fun.

reading back over old livejournal entries makes me miss people i should not. but sometimes i can't help it. i know i will never see this person again -- but i miss them. but only for a little while.... then i move on. life is too short to live in the past.

whoops, happy new year a bit late

everytime i come here to post something, what to post evades me.

Ants and I are doing great. we adopted a new kitten in November whom we've named Beaker. he's 7 months old right now, and black and white. and EVERYONE agrees, he's Mneo 2.0. except he's way more cuddly. so sweet. the other cats are tolerating him just fine. the only thing that sucked is that we found out the shelter gave him to us with skin mites, so we've just now finished the 6 weeks of getting him dipped every week. the Lime Sulfur stuff is disgusting and has stained both our white gold wedding rings to look gold, but eh. he's a healthy, happy, sweet little boy and we love him.

not much else is happening, same old, same old. i'm reading alot, helping my dad as much as he'll let me, sorting out all my medicare 2013 stuff and basically doing the wife thing. Ants is working at his job (they LOVE HIM) and doing his computer business on the side. we're a happy, silly bunch. :)

i'm working on excising my blog from the depths of despair. but one day at a time. :)

you guys can usually find me more often on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. :) they are listed in my info.

so much happened, so much will happen.

so Ants and I have been in the USA for some months now.... and so much has happened!

we lived with Mum for about 2 months. Ants got a job 3 weeks after arriving in the USA, and we moved to the small town of Lawrence, Wisconsin about a month after that. it's lovely, i love our apartment. Ants has a good job with Proctor and Gamble doing I/T, he was headhunted for the job too. where we live is about halfway between both my parents so it's all good. Ants finally got his dream car the Cadillac in the beginning of June so we went out to see Kara and Jennifer and everyone after we picked it up and then drove it home afterward. i have a Ford Escape Hybrid that i'm driving around... it's all good.

to say we're happy doesn't cover it.... we're fantastic. things are so great :)

other than that, i've started writing again, which is good. i haven't written since 2009 so that's a start there. i've been helping out my dad as much as i can, (or he'll let me), and basically just getting things done :)


GOING HOME! also, i need new icons.

as of 1:15 p.m CST on Tuesday, i'll be back in America. i can't freaking wait.

it was so sad saying goodbye to family this weekend... i about broke down when Shirley (auntie) started tearing up. i've got such an awesome, amazing family here in the UK, and that's what i'm going to miss most about living here, being around these amazing people. also my amazing friends i've made here! and the beautiful places i've seen.

but... that's about it. i am so ready to be back in America, where things work to where i understand them, where if i bitch at someone about their customer service skills sucking, they will try to remedy the situation instead of telling me to fuck off. where people actually DO their jobs instead of half-assing it or not doing it at all (IE : we called and reported a leaky pipe in our bathroom when we moved into this house LAST MAY. they still haven't come out to fix it even though they've promised to "get back to us" for months. it meant we couldn't turn the heating on in the bathroom and it's fucking FREEZING in there!! i have sent two bitchy letters and numerous phone calls with promises to "get back to us" and have not received nary a response. FUCK YOU MOD HOUSING!)

it will also be nice to live in a place that isn't covered in trash. people here have no qualms about just tossing their shit right out of their cars, homes, or out of their hands. it will be nice to live in a clean place where i don't have to worry about someone's phlegm ending up on my shoe and therefore on my carpet when i walk down the street. it will be nice to just be able to walk down the street without being disgusted at my surroundings being tainted with trash. im so ready for some decency.

so excited about seeing my niece, seeing my cat, seeing my friends. being able to text all the people i couldn't while living here, actually being able to speak to Monica and Kara and everyone on the phone. i can't wait to have a fuck-off big ass salad from Perkins with actual real RANCH dressing! i can't wait for real mac and cheese. i can't wait for cheap VITAMIN water. i never want to see a french fry for a LONG time (they eat them with almost EVERYTHING here). i want vanilla coke and mountain dew. in other words, I JUST WANNA GET BACK TO AMERICA!!! usa! usa!

so excited about starting the new life we have planned, me and Anthony. he's almost more excited than I am to get to America; he will arrive 3 weeks after me. then we'll set about getting a car and finding him a job and yay! :) i can go back to my volunteering at the library, and oh! it's going to be a good year. :)

i realise i haven't posted since October. i should post more. i need new icons too, maybe some of Olly Murs (a cutie singer i've gotten into here), or whatnot.

anyway, i'll post when i get back to the States. <3 :) see you all on the other side! :)
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this entry comes a bit too late, as we found out we were moving back to the USA on the 1st of October, but better late than never, right???

we're well excited. we both want to go and with the social issues here in this country eating at me (people just disrespecting their surroundings by throwing litter everywhere and everywhere.... we were just coming back from a trip to Devon last week when someone threw an ENTIRE BAG OF MCDONALDS TRASH out of their car window into a huge queue of traffic.... WTF!) along with being homesick.. I AM SO READY.

we have to wait for Anthony's green card application to be approved, and that's a lengthy process. he's done with the Navy on 31 March and we're planning to leave for the USA anytime between January and April. it all depends on when we get the visa back. hopefully this won't take too long and we'll be off and gone.

Mum is coming over for Christmas. i haven't seen her in over a year and a half and i can't wait to see her. i can't believe it!

Anthony and I have been blissfully married for over a year now. he's still the best person i ever met and he makes me the happiest girl in the world. we've never fought once in the 3 years we've been together and it's amazing. it's just amazing. :)

the only thing we need now is to GO HOME! :)

other than that, it's getting cold out, it's boring with him gone, but he should be off his ship in Scotland by Friday to be home to do resettlement. things are gonna be good! :) (or better, depending on which way you look at it! :)

another SPACE BETWEEN contest entry!

the contest is here :

and my entry is :

when my niece, Adilynn was 3 years old (maybe less, i dunno), someone gave her a bunch of plastic play jewelry for Christmas. i was babysitting her one night and we were playing with the jewelry, and she took off a little green plastic heart charm and gave it to me, and said "this is a piece of my heart."

my jaw dropped. a three year old saying that to me.... and the most precious person to me in the entire world... i also cried.

i don't go anywhere without that little green plastic heart hidden in the secret pocket in my purse. it's a little piece of my beautiful niece's heart that is always with me. it's been across the country, over the ocean, and all around the UK with me. it's ALWAYS with me. if anyone else looked at it, they wouldn't get it. but it's one of my most prized possessions.

house and heart


the writing is not going. its not at all. what do i do??? grrr.

who knew that getting a happy life would also erase my awesome ability to knock out some writing. i haven't written more than 1k in over 2 years. fuck.

my theme song

first off, this is an entry for the conest that the awesome BRENNA YOVANOFF is having here :

MONSTERS by Something for Kate.

there are about a million different ways i could describe why this song is my theme song, but it pretty much just sums up my entire life. seriously. also, Something for Kate and their singer, Paul Dempsey, are my favourites and have gotten me through a million different horrible and lovely things in my life. this song will always, always, always be my favourite and my theme. :)

enjoy! and go enter Brenna's contest!! (even though i really want to win it!)


in points :

- had our birthdays. also went to the Cambridge Folk Festival which was alright. don't think we'll be doing that again unless we go in a big group.


- pretty sure that we're moving back to America after the first of the year sometime. we're just waiting for the official letter that says so. 


- the place in Plymouth has been sorted. we're turning it over to a letting agency to be done for us, we'll make enough to pay the loan on it, but other than that we're free of it!!!

- mum has booked her flight and will be here on Dec 13. we've also booked 5 days in a vacation apartment in Germany, which will be cool.


other than that, nothing happening. NOTHING. just trying to take it one day at a time :)

berry pop jennzah

hello from hampshire. :)

so we've moved. a week ago today we officially took residence here in Gosport, and it's been great. it's quiet at night, it's clean, it's green, it's lovely! the house is also quite nice, big rooms, blue carpet, white walls. it's sooooo great.

it's weird having Anthony go to work and then come home at night, but we're getting used to it. for the first couple of days we didn't have a fridge or a vacuum, but now we have both (off of Ebay!, woo!). all in all we're a lot happier here. compared to where we came from in Plymouth, it's HEAVEN here!! :)

other than that, there isn't much to report. im staying close to the house this week, because i haven't any money to go into Fareham and look for a job. im also on the verge of a cold or a really bad allergy attack.... the only thing i need to do is go into the medical center and register for a doctor. it's right up the road, and i'm going to ask Ants to take me after work (if he's not too tired, they've got him doing really shit work his last week on the Ark, which pisses me off but there isn't anything i can do about it except seethe quietly.)

so that's the update. promise i'll try to update with something better the next time! :)
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